Placing switches in the apartment

The number and location of light switches must be counted against the number of all lines and lights. We don’t always know how many switches we will actually need and where we will be more comfortable using them.

Here are some tips for the functional location of switches in your home:

  1. If we are looking for standard solutions, we should know that most often the headlight switches are located in each room directly near the entrance, on the side opposite to the one to which the door opens. The optimal height of the switch is 0.9 m from the floor.
  2. In the bathroom, toilet, kitchen or wardrobe switch is also installed near the door, but outside, not in the room.
  3. If you plan to install additional lamps in these rooms, for example, in the form of a lamp on a mirror or LED strip under the kitchen cabinets, the switches are mounted as close as possible to them, in a convenient place for us.
  4. If there are several lighting points, we want to turn on one switch, it is enough to plan one switch. Similarly, one chandelier can be turned on by two buttons on the switch, then when you press one of them, half of the chandelier bulbs light up, and when you press the other – the other half of the chandelier.
  5. In the bedroom, a good solution would be to install a switch near the bed, then it will be more convenient for us to turn off the light at the time of falling asleep. We will do it quickly and will not walk to the other end of the room.
  6. You can also set switches with brightness control. Thanks to them, we will change the intensity of light for our needs, time of day and mood. However, such switches only work with ordinary incandescent bulbs.

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It is also possible to install a main switch at the door, when leaving the apartment or house, which will turn off all lights and appliances, leaving working only the necessary (boiler, refrigerator, alarm, video surveillance).

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