Installation of the socket, replacement of the socket by own hands

If there are ready-made sockets with wires mounted in the walls, we can replace the socket ourselves. It is enough to have a voltage indicator, screwdriver, level and knowledge of some rules.

The situation is complicated if we are at the initial stage of installing new or creating additional electrical outlets. When you need to cut the strut or replace all wiring, then you need the help of a specialist.

Types of sockets and wiring.

In Ukraine, type F sockets are currently being installed, they have two parallel holes and contacts for grounding. C-type sockets are often found – without grounding, according to the latest innovations (three-core wiring) such sockets can not be installed.

You can see two or three wires in the junction box, depending on the type of wiring we are dealing with. Fewer wires indicate the old wiring type (TN-C), while more wires indicate a new type of wiring – type TN-S. In both cases there is no problem with installing a socket that has a ground contact.

< Attention! Disconnect the power before installing the outlet. You need to use the indicator to check for voltage on the wires in the outlet.

Connect wires in case of TN-S type wiring (3 wires in a box).

Proper connection of three wires in the socket requires the use of a single circuit:

– black or brown wire (phase – L) on the left;

– blue wire (neutral – N) – on the right;

– yellow-green wire (protective – PE) – in the middle.

It should be noted: the scheme of connecting wires to the socket is determined when we look at the socket from the front.

Connecting wires when installing TN-C type (2 wires in a box)

Installation of the socket with earthing, in case of installation of old type of electric wiring (TN-C), is also possible. Because then there are only two wires in the box, one of them – neutral – should be connected to the ground contact by a bridge. If you are not sure how to properly secure this wire when installing in a TN-C system, you should consult a specialist.

Last installation steps.

When the wires are properly connected, they need to be laid out in a box. Remember to install the socket properly, then it is less likely to fall out of the box (for example, due to improper disconnection of the plug). To avoid this, the socket mechanism, in addition to the standard detachable fasteners, must be fixed with two additional screws. After installation of the case, it is necessary to turn on the electricity and check with the indicator whether there is voltage in the connected socket.

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