Installation of a chandelier with your own hands

You can hang any lamp or chandelier yourself. This requires a little knowledge to help you install safely and securely.

Work should always begin with disconnecting the voltage on the wires to which we will connect the chandelier. Using the indicator, make sure that the voltage on all wires is absent.

So, we prepare fastenings on a ceiling (hook) on which our chandelier will hang later.

The first step is to mark the space on the ceiling for drilling under the dowel. If it is a hook, it should be as close to the wires as possible so that the chandelier lid can cover the hook with the wires. If we are afraid to drill a cable, it is necessary to remember that the cable, as a rule, passes in the direction of a wall on which the switch is located, and in this area it is not necessary to drill.

To quickly and confidently drill a hole in the concrete, you must use a hammer.

We can insert a dowel into the drilled hole.

Tighten the hook first by hand and then with pliers.

Our chandelier is almost ready, it remains to connect the wires. To do this, shorten the wires to the required length and remove the insulation by about 1 cm. Next, two wires from the ceiling are screwed into the terminal block on one side, and the two remaining wires from the lamp are screwed into the other side of the terminal block.

At the last stage, we hang our chandelier on a hook. Of course, pre-adjust its length so that it hangs at the desired height.

Finally, we hide all the wires under the chandelier cap and fix it with a bolt. Turn on the light bulbs, turn on the power and enjoy our chandelier.