Home video surveillance system

Video surveillance is an additional security system that captures all the events that take place around the house around the clock.

When installing a home video surveillance system, remember that it should serve us for a long time, without thinking about the fact that it can be a mess that does not monitor everything or does not fit well with the architecture of our home.

So which system will meet our requirements?

Let’s start with the analysis. We usually choose between analog and digital technology. The first has been known to us for a long time, the second has evolved along with new technologies and with the possibility of increasingly digital image processing.

How do I know whether to choose an analog or digital system?

In the case of a small area where the house is located, the installation of video cameras often captures the area along the fence and garden. So this is not an area that a normal camera can’t handle. The problem begins when we are interested in getting very high quality images.

An analog system will not give us as high an image quality as a digital one, so a digital video surveillance system is usually more expensive.